Mon Chéri Exotic Cats

How to Buy in 3 Easy Steps

Exotic longhair chocolate bi-color female kitten
“I didn’t eat the peanut butter. It wasn’t me!”

Please contact us at to verify availability of a Persian (exotic longhair) or exotic shorthair kitten, to be added to our Email notification list as we have new kittens available, verify shipping options* or to ask questions. 

Kittens are given priority to people on our waiting list. A $500 deposit is required if you want to secure the next available kitten. When placing a deposit to be on the waiting list, please include color of kitten desired, male or female, longhair or shorthair, and any other details to make sure you are matched with the purrrfect kitten.  

If you wish to be considered for a sweet and healthy Mon Chéri kitten please include the following: Your full name & contact information. How did you find us? What you are looking for in a kitten? Also, your location, family members and pets in household, and anything else that helps us know you better.

*Domestic and international shipping is available. We can provide you with reliable transportation or you may wish to meet us at the Orlando International Airport or the Orlando–Sanford Airport, both of which are located in beautiful Central Florida! Shipping arrangements and costs are solely the buyers responsibility. Many breeders charge outrageous fees, up to $650 just to deliver a kitten. With Mon Cheri there is no delivery charge for local delivery as long as delivery is within 50 miles. If it is beyond this mileage, Email us for a quote.

#2 Sign our purchase agreement
Please download and fill out pdf of Purchase Agreement and Email it to

#3 Reserve a kitten with deposit or make payment
You can conveniently reserve a kitten with a deposit or make payment with your Visa, Master Card, Discover or Paypal.*

*If you have not used Paypal in the past, it is free, fast and secure. There is no need to join Paypal to make a payment. You can use your credit card or bank debit card.

To use PayPal please enter the information below to make a payment and/or deposit.

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