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Are you looking for an exotic shorthair chocolate kitten for sale or an exotic longhair chocolate kitten for sale? Here are some FAQs regarding color variations, personality characteristics to help you decide if an exotic shorthair chocolate kitten or an exotic chocolate longhair kitten would be a good fit for your home. Exotic Shorthair Chocolate … Read more

Bon appétit! Exotic Longhair & Shorthair Food

What I feed my cats

I’m always intrigued by the number of brands and varieties of ketchup available here in the US. I tend to use the same brand as my mom used – it’s the taste I‘m familiar with.

Interestingly enough – did you know that as of December 2018 there were 630 brands of pet foods and treats in the US alone? Specifically, pet foods and treats amounted to just under $40 BILLION U.S. dollars. 

With those kinds of choices – how do you choose what’s best for your exotic longhair or exotic shorthair cat or kitten? Do you listen to tv advertisements? Do you search internet ads that are almost always sponsored by pet food companies to tout their products as the best and their competition’s products as inferior? Do you buy what your vet has at his clinic? Do you think that the most expensive brands equal quality? Conversely, do you think the cheaper brands equal inferiority? Are you swayed by product packaging? 

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Exotic Longhair & Exotic Shorthair cats are people too

Just like people – different exotic longhair and exotic shorthair cats have different tastes and needs. Some cats are dealing with food allergies, some are aging, and (like me) need to supplement their diets to stay healthy. The sizes of kibble also vary. I’ve got one old gentleman cat that we dearly love. We give him more soft foods than the younger cats and he maintains his health and his weight. Soft is easier on his old tender gums and teeth.

Nowadays there appears to be a trend towards more protein-based products rather than adding corn, grains, etc. Buffalo, rabbit, fish, etc. are trendy and to the general public, those foods seem too good to be true! And the beautiful pictures on the packaging may make you want to snack on them yourself!

But when I look at the packaging ingredients I see the words meat-by products and I cringe. I grew up in Iowa around farmers with beef and dairy cattle. When a cow would die be it from old age or injury or birthing or sickness, the farmer would put a chain around the legs of the animal and pull it out to the road where a rendering company truck would load the animal and process it into… guess what? Pet foods. So if a cow has cancer or abscesses or blood pockets… even though the meat is cooked it’s not something I say yum yum to and want to eat myself much less give to my cats.   

Longhair & Shorthair Cat / Kitten Food Requirements

The best food for kittens & cats should be:

  • Rich in protein from animal sources
  • Grain-free
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Made with clearly named meats/fats
  • Free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and easy to chew
  • Additionally, Exotic Shorthair food should ideally be wet food instead of dry kibble

For that reason, I weekly prepare quite a bit of raw meat for our exotic longhair and exotic shorthair cats and kittens and freeze it in small containers. Search the internet and you can find suggestions as to how and what to include in your mix. But be prepared – some cats will transition to raw just fine but some are so addicted to dry cat food additives that they look at what should be like filet mignon and turn their sweet little noses up.

About Mon Chéri Exotic Cats
We are a Central Florida breeder and have been breeding show-quality exotic shorthair and longhair cats for 20 years. Our gorgeous male and female exotic longhair and exotic shorthair quality kittens for sale are available in chocolates, lilacs, color points, solids, bi-colors, calicos, tabbies, reds, and rare and beautiful tortoiseshell (torties) kittens. Email us to reserve a kitten! See our adorable exotic kittens for sale.

How do I care for my new exotic shorthair or exotic longhair kitten?

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Congratulations on the recent addition to your household! Now that you have a young beautiful exotic longhair or an exotic shorthair kitten to care for there are several things you will need to consider. Nutrition for exotic shorthair and exotic longhair kittens Exotic shorthair and exotic longhair kittens should be fed a combination of both … Read more

What do I feed my exotic shorthair kitten?

What to eat today

Exotic shorthair and exotic longhair kittens naturally wean off their mother’s milk at around 8-12 weeks of age. When these young kittens are old enough (around 8 weeks old) they will start to eat food on their own while decreasing the amount of milk they nurse from their mother. Basic exotic shorthair and exotic longhair … Read more

What Is The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)?

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The Cat Fancier’s Association is a non-profit organization that boasts the largest registry of pedigree cats in the world. Feline circles often refer to the organization as simply the CFA. At Mon Chéri we register all of our Exotic Longhair, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayans, and Persians with the CFA. Here’s everything you should know about the … Read more